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You'll learn
FX, crypto and CFD terminology and ways of doing things
Charts and other tools
The essentials of risk management
Example trading ideas
Major traded instruments
The psychology of trading
Some popular trading styles
Losing trade post mortems

The course

Introduction to the ultimate trading course
The topics we'll cover together in forex, crypto and equities trading
The story of trading
How forex, crypto and equities markets became what they are today
Trading 101: the basics of trading forex, crypto and indices
A simple 'how to' guide for absolute beginners
Forex 101 for absolute beginners
How the world's largest trading market works
Crypto trading 101: from zero to hero
Everything you need to know about trading crypto
The A-Z guide to equities, indices and options
A clear, illustrated guide for absolute beginners
The ultimate guide to technical analysis for beginners
Everything you need to know for forex, indices and crypto trading
The A-Z of risk management for traders
Some tools and systems that traders can use in forex, crypto and equities to avoid blowing up and losing money
Trading psychology: is your mind stopping you making money?
Become a better trader by understanding the battle between emotions and brain and how to manage it
The magic of factors
The powerful ideas of momentum, value, and carry explained simply
Forex fundamentals
What really drives currency markets and forex trends?
Crypto fundamental analysis: zero or $100,000?
The things that make the crypto market move
The secrets of trading stocks on fundamentals
A century's worth of techniques in a single article
Intermarket relationships and advanced charting
How the pros use one market to help predict another
News trading and second order thinking
How to make the economic calendar work for instead of against you
The ultimate guide to technical analysis part 2
Bollinger bands, MACD, Fibonacci and more!
Eleven trades: 8 losers and 3 winners
What went wrong? What went right? What can we learn?
The 5 crucial things when choosing a broker
Avoid being scammed: read this before choosing a forex, crypto or equities broker
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You have completed the course